Your Child Is Worth It!!!

  We help children 
   feel better:
   about themselves
   about their bodies
   about their strengths
   about their weaknesses
   about their wisdom

You have a thousand questions about your infant or toddler.

You need a thousand answers....

We can help you find answers and much more

You want someone who understands your child's needs.

You want someone to take time with you and your child.

At Mast Clinic,
your child
 is the 
Mast Clinic, Inc. 
 Helping Children to Be Their Best
If you and your child have had a wonderful experience at Mast Clinic
 and you are delighted with your child's progress,
 please tell other parents who have concerns about their infant/child's development about Mast Clinic. 

Put in a good word on Mast Clinic's FaceBook page. 
Thank you