Jackie is very Zen-like  in her work with our son 

We don't understand how the other parts of her life have changed too but we are really happy about it! 

Notes from a 9 year old big sister :
You expect everything but you never expect this.
You understand things but you don't understand this You want to understand?  Go to Jackie Mast.
Parents know.  Not everyone understands...
Never abandon hope with Jackie.  You can't.
Jackie says everybody is worth everything.
Jackie expresses everybody in their own way.
Never give up because she'll never give up on your child. 
Expect everything you think because she'll do it.
Nice and curious because she never gives up and she will always help.
Jackie is the best. She will do everything she can to help.
You can't change life but she can change yours!
Your child is worth it! 

Jackie is a holographic thinker: she sees beyond the "problem" to the inner being of the child.  
The reason she does this work is that she can see the person as a whole. 

 Some things kids say about Jackie Mast:

 Jackie, you help kids get healthy.  

 You make kids feel better. 

 Thank you Jackie.  Thank you Jackie.  Thank you Jackie. 

 You helped me not walk on my toes.  

 I love you Jackie.  

 When I grow up I'm going to be a physical therapist and take care of you!

 I like to play in your room, Jackie

 Thanks Jackie.  You made me feel better.  

 Now I can play soccer and it's not hard.  

 Jackie, you have magic hands.  

Your Child Means The World to You...

Our child has changed so much in the past few months, we can hardly believe it. 

The whole experience was very moving to me: 
Realizing how much time Jackie had spent thinking and consulting about our son;watching his deep trust of her and being so relaxed about it. 
I feel so lucky about all of it and am so grateful to have Jackie in our lives.  

We learned how to play more purposefully with our daughter while still fully enjoying ourselves! She had so much fun, too!!! 
We now realize how unique our daughter's abilities are.   Jackie gave us the tools to encourage her in a healthy way.  

When we first came to Mast Clinic I was very nervous and scared for my son.  
I had been reading too much about his condition (especially on the Internet) and I didn't know what to do. 
Jackie was the only person who really listened to my concerns.She reassured me that he would be okay. 
But most of all, she made it Fun for him.  Our son LOVED coming to play with Jackie.  
I can't say it enough how glad I am that she was there to help us, help him. 
I will always recommend Mast Clinic to anyone I know whose child may need PT (Physical Therapy).

You really do help the whole family, Jackie. Is there a billing code for the Mom? 
Jackie has a sort of vibe about her that I rarely see. 
She is extremely charismatic and has a sort of purplish light around her. 
It is always a pleasure...

He is such an appreciative, delightful baby. If he could talk, I think he would say " I am so grateful that Jackie helped me have a life without a tummy ache and crooked back."
Our time at Mast Clinic was transformative. 
Jackie taught our son how to be more flexible, active and comfortable in his body. 
She taught me patience and hope. 
I have been very impressed with Jackie's work.with my nephew. 
I know she has given him the gift of health and freedom 
that allow him to be and express who he really is- and he is such a treasure. 
When I met him he was so buried and i worried about his spirit and his life. 
I am deeply thankful he is not trapped in a dysfunctional body getting more lost every day. 
And I thank Jackie for being an integral part of revealing that.  
MAST CLINIC, Inc. Helping Children to Be Their Best
Thank you for helping our son with his reflux. He is such a happy baby now. We truly appreciate all that you did to help him and us.

Thank you So Much for all the guidance, support, encouragement and hard wotk you gave us in helping her become the active, strong little 1 year old she is today!!! She/we miss you!!!
 I think back to this summer of the uncomfortable, sad, and rigid baby I so badly wanted to comfort and help...but didn't know how. Being a brand new Mom...everything felt so hopeless...up until we saw you.
We can't thank you enough for all the help you provided to our baby and encouragement you provided me. You have an unbelievable touch and way of working with babies and their Moms. 
From a Japanese research colleague, Dr Kiyobumi Kawakami:  Thank you. We have learned from children every day. 
They teach us very interesting in their world we cannot remember. Your patients are very lucky because they can meet you
Thank you for all the wonderful work you did with our son. I will be forever grateful.Just know you made a difference in his life-in the lives of the entire family. Thank you so much!
We brought our daughter to Mast Clinic many years ago. She is now a college Sophomore.  As an infant you were both realistic (without giving me a diagnosis, your evaluation led me to believe she has Cerebral Palsy- which she does) but also incredibly positive about her future. Your positive attitude helped me through some dark times. A belated thank you!