Cancellation Policy

It is important to keep scheduled appointments.
Please contact us at (207) 689-6278 or at least 24 hours prior to your child's scheduled appointment if you are unable to attend for any reason.
24 hours notice* of cancellation is required. There will be no charge for the first missed appointment. For a second missed appointment (by family, if more than one child is being seen), there is a $200 dollar fee that must be paid before returning for your next visit. The fee will need to be paid prior to the next scheduled visit or your child or children will not be seen.
In the event of three missed appointments (by family) without 24 hours notice, your child or children will no longer be patients of Mast Clinic. You will have to seek physical therapy services for your child or children elsewhere.
*Exceptions to 24 hour notice policy:
(We will not charge for these absences due to these exceptions)
  1. Child's or parent's illness: we certainly understand how illness can come on overnight, not allowing for 24 hour notice. We just ask that you call at your earliest opportunity
  2. Snow days: if the weather in your area makes it too dangerous to drive, please cancel your child's appointment rather than put yourself and your child at risk.