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Cancellation Policy

It is important to keep scheduled appointments.
Cancellations require 24 hours notice *

Please contact Hillary at (207) 689-
6278 or at least 24 hours prior to your child's appointment if you are unable to attend.

first missed appointment: no charge

second missed appointment: $200 dollar fee

(Must be paid prior to the next scheduled visit)

third missed appointment: your child or children

will no longer be a patient of Mast Clinic

The above information is by family

if more than one of your children is being seen at Mast Clinic.

* Exceptions to 24 hour notice policy:

No charge for absences due to these exceptions.

Please contact us as early in the day as possible

1. Child's or parent's illness: for illness that comes on overnight

2. Snow days: if the weather in your area makes it too dangerous to drive,

please let us know rather than put yourself and your child at risk

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