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For information on bills, payments, or insurance coverage:
Contact Briana at (207) 310-2863 or

There are many insurance plans that change periodically. Unfortunately, we cannot know the specifics of each plan. We are here to work with you but it is your responsibility to know your child's healthcare plan. You are financially responsible for charges not covered by your health insurance.​

Note: Mast Clinic's support staff work offsite so they can be parents too. Be assured that they will return calls or emails as soon as possible.

Insurance Coverage

You are financially responsible for Mast Clinic charges not covered by your child’s health insurance. It is important to understand whether physical therapy services are covered and what you are responsible for paying out of pocket. If Mast Clinic's services are not covered, we accept private pay and Briana can work with you on a payment plan.

Before the first appointment, we recommend that you contact your child’s insurance company regarding coverage for physical therapy services.  

While in contact with your insurance company, please fill out the "Insurance Coverage" form here. (optional)

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